Be a Staff Editor 


The Editor Selection process...

At the conclusion of each spring semester, typically during the last week of the final exam period, Regent University Law Review hosts a writing competition open to all students with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher over at least two full semesters (30 credit hours) of study. Every student interested in joining the Law Review must complete the Spring Writing Competition, which consists of two parts:

(1) Bluebook exercises designed to gauge the student’s level of citation proficiency and

(2) the submission of a law review style article. The topic for the article is chosen by the Board of Editors and is the same for all applicants.

Students typically have approximately two to three weeks to complete their submissions. The Board then grades and ranks the submissions using a combined score from both the Bluebook exercises and the article. Rising 2L students who rank among the top 5% of their class and score in the top half of all submissions on the Bluebook portion of the Writing Competition, or score at least a 70% on the Bluebook portion of the Writing Competition, are extended an invitation to join the Law Review. All other invitations are made on the basis of the students’ scores and the Law Review’s needs for the upcoming year. Membership offers are extended sometime in late June or early July.

All students interested in academic writing are strongly encouraged to participate in the Spring Writing Competition.