About the Competition

The Hon. Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., Writing Competition is held every spring in memoriam of the esteemed Virginia jurist. Regent University Law Review sponsors this competition to foster and celebrate excellence in legal scholarship among the Regent University community. The winner receives a cash prize of $500 and their article becomes eligible for publication in a future edition of the Regent University Law Review.

We are pleased to announce the eleventh annual Hon. Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., Writing Competition.

Submission Deadline: February 28th at 5:00 pm, 2019

Writing Topic: This year's writing topic is a semi-open topic. Any paper submitted that otherwise complies with the rules will be considered if it is scholarly material of publishable quality that advocates a legal position consistent with the Regent University Law Review mission statement as set forth below:

The Mission of the Law Review is to bring glory to God and to make the character and person of Jesus Christ known through the publication of excellent and principled legal scholarship. The Law Review strives to achieve this mission in the following ways: (1) The publication of well-written scholarship that demonstrates the application of Christian principles to legal issues; (2) the publication of well-written scholarship that benefits the practicing bar; (3) the training of Law Review members in legal writing and editing; and (4) the equipping of Law Review members for effective leadership in the legal community.

Although the Law Review encourages students to consider incorporating Biblical principles into their submissions, a paper will not be penalized merely because it does not explicitly include Biblical integration.

  1. One electronic copy must be submitted.

  2. The cover page of the electronic copy must include the following:

    1. Title

    2. Author's name

    3. Email address

    4. Current mailing address

    5. Phone number

    6. If the paper was written to satisfy a rigorous writing requirement or other school requirement, the faculty supervisor should be denoted on the cover page as well.

  3. The title of the paper and page number should appear at the top right of every page.

  4. Form of paper: The page layout must be 8 1/2 x 11 inches, double-spaced, and with at least twelve-point type. Margins should be one inch on all sides. Citations must be in footnote (not endnote) form, single-spaced, and with at least ten-point type. Font shall be Times New Roman. Papers shall not exceed 30 pages in length, including citations. Subject to the foregoing, all citations must be in law review format and in accord with the 20th edition of A Uniform System of Citation (a.k.a. "The Bluebook").

  5. The electronic copy must be submitted in one file in Microsoft Word format (2000 and forward compatible) and emailed to by the deadline date, February 28th at 5:00 pm.

  6. Any violation of these rules is grounds for disqualification. Entry constitutes certification by the entrant that the entrant is eligible to participate and that the paper conforms to the rules of the competition.

  7. Eligible Entrants: Any full or part-time student in their Second or Third Year at Regent University School of Law. Any person who has served or is serving as a board member will be ineligible to submit an article, unless they qualify as a staff member or an immediate board member, as defined by the Law Review Constitution. 

  8. Plagiarism and Copyright: All papers shall be the original work of the individual entrant. Entrants may consult with others as to ideas, but all writing and editing must be the sole work of the entrant. This paragraph, however, allows the sort of consultation and editing that normally occurs during a professor's direction of a student's rigorous writing experience. The paper may not have been previously published in a law review or similar scholarly journal.

  9. Permission to Reprint: The Regent University Law Review shall have the right to copy, reprint, or print all papers submitted. Entrants agree to hold the Law Review harmless from, and to indemnify it from, any and all damages and costs relating to copyright infringement, plagiarism, or similar loss.

  10. Judges and Judging Criteria: Papers shall be judged and the scholarship awarded at the sole discretion of the Law Review. The Law Review will perform an initial review and screening of all submissions and forward those of the highest quality to a panel to identify the winning paper. The panel may include a combination of academics, sitting judges, and practicing attorneys. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of conformance to these rules, topic creativity, writing quality and clarity, originality, analysis, and soundness of legal reasoning. The Law Review reserves the right to decline making an award in this competition.

  11. Announcement of Winner: The winner will be announced publicly in Spring 2019. All entrants will be notified of the results by email. There is one scholarship prize of $500. The winner must provide a short biographical entry and digital photograph suitable for media publication. Entry in the competition constitutes the winner's agreement, at the Law Review's discretion, to allow publication of the winning paper in the Regent University Law Review.

  12. Interpretation/Change of Rules: Disputes over the interpretation of these rules will be resolved in the discretion of the Law Review's Editor-in-Chief. A majority of the Law Review Executive Board may override the Editor-in-Chief's interpretation. The Regent University Law Review reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without notice.